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Living Words interacts with care and nursing staff through a series of bespoke workshops that bring a mindfulness approach to practice. These workshops, usually delivered during a residency, encourage reflection, personal creativity and creative communication. We look at language and communication through the use of Living Words Word Books. We want to enable the work with individuals to live on after the residency has ended and so we implement personal projects to focus on reading the Living Words Word Books with residents.

The Living Creative Workshop Series offers carers and all other staff members a series of 3 workshops which take place during a residency and aims to embed what is learned into staff’s daily practice:

1) Living Care – introduction of mindfulness, silence and reflection; introduction of creative listening techniques; and the use of experiential drama exercises that focus on their clients needs.

2) Living Activity – the shared experience as core to all activities; meditation poems; working with the Living Words Word Books - devising personal projects to embed the books in daily practice.  This involves buddying with colleagues for peer support.

3) Living Forward – continuation of personal project; group discussion of ‘shared experience’ activities; a return to personal reflection.

Attendees are given tailored and informative Follow Up Booklets’ to write in, as a record and a source of support and inspiration. Each participant receives a certificate on completion.

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Artistic Director Susanna is hired to speak, listen to and inspire staff and funding bodies through the work and message of Living Words.

‘Susanna’s approach with care staff has increased awareness of the needs of people experiencing dementia and improved closer team working – leading to a person centred approach. I was inspired.’ John Stacey, Stacey & Emile:Training & Consultancy