Through listening clearly and openly we can engage in what we call ‘behind the eyes’ communication. Together we meet in a time and form less environment of creative communication – we unravel the ‘meaning’ by following the words feeling and metaphor.

All poems © Living Words

Side away

                          If I get in that situation                        

I draw back:

Drawing back in reality

It’s always there

So you can’t leave


The reality of what it means

To side away.

Don’t forget it

Number 65

This chair – it’s so dirty feeling

I’m not in a running order

Where do you go to when you

Go out?

I keep out of walking mode

With the mainframe

In the convoy – don’t go around much

I wish

Wish I could drive in a big car

Drive away in a car, oh

Oh I, I wish, wish I could

Fly just fly right away

To number 65 – Not

Drifting along at nothing

Some People

Some people have machines –

They don’t run on.

Others don’t.

Sometimes it is overused

Sometimes doesn’t even need reminding;

Hardly going to control it again.

You think it lies with one person

But discover it lies with others.

Some people have machines

Sometimes overused

Others don’t.