Here are some words people have said about Living Words:

‘A testimony to the power of how the simple reinstatement of humanity and dignity into an otherwise functional environment can return minds to a state of joy..’  Karen Sarkissian, Director of Art and Heritage, Guys and St Thomas’ Charity

‘Thank you for mum’s words.  Her book shows us she is more here than we thought, hard as that is.’  Anonymous relative

‘You listen on a different level, cos it happens on a different level’ Resident, Butterworth Centre London

‘I saw you sitting with people and wondered, what is she doing? Now we see you have done this for us, you care about all of us. Thank you. Through reading these words we get to know our residents better and can communicate with them using the book.’ Carer, NHHT Mildmay care home

‘…a positive effect on the patient with regards to recovery and ability to participate in the ward’s day to day activities and rehabilitation…’ Thomas Ernst, Consultnat Physician, Anne Ward ECU, St Thomas’ hospital

‘You writing my words and reading them back to me, I have to tell you this is like medicine to me!’ Irene, resident @Care UK London

‘It is an innovative, imaginative way for our service users with dementia to express their thoughts and feelings.  We have a far better understanding of the people we are working with.  Thank you so much.’  Ginny Cheytan, manager Tower Bridge care centre

‘When I listened to x’s poem I felt amazed and I could not refrain my tears. It was really hard to believe that a person with such an advanced state of dementia could talk like that and express herself in such a poetic manner… like a glimmer of light from the darkness of her illness.’ Cristina, activity co-ordinator Butterworth London

‘When you talk you express yourself more, the words have to come out!’ Susan, resident Tower Bridge care centre

‘You can see they’ve opened up. It helps in so many ways.…They have worked with people that usually cant join in groups – you make sense and reciprocate. But not everyone seems to know that… This is the best project we have ever done. Thank you.’ Phyllis Etukondu, Activity Co-ordinator Westmead

‘Read it all back to me, best thing you can do.  Thank you very much.  You’re sitting there. You’ve made my life easier actually’ Irene, resident NHHT, Mildmay Care home

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