If you are interested in working with Living Words or helping us expand our programme please contact us at or directly on +44 (0)7967 502 506

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  1. Erica Simunovic

    I am an activity leader at an adult day care center. I always considered my clients/friends living history books! I absolutely love this idea. I’m very happy someone has found a great way to express and bring awareness to those that deserve it.
    Will you bring the project to America?

  2. James Fulkerson

    I read the Guardian article and then came to your website. I am a composer and trombonist so I see your work through the eyes and ears of that practice. It is really fantastic to see what you are doing. You are not only entering into what is often a world closed to the outside or outsiders – but also retaining the fundamental experience of the arts of words and music. I really respect this.

    I am sure it will affect the remainder of my life.

    Thank you,
    Jim Fulkerson


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