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It’s been a busy year for us.  Following our ACE funded training project, the summer saw our co-curation of Normal? Festival of the Brain and Susanna performing ‘Crackpot':   Following this the piece was performed for NHS AGMS, and Patients Association Gold Standard event.

In the Autumn, alongside our regular work, Susanna chaired sessions at the UK Dementia Congress, and became a member of the Royal Society for Public Health, Arts and Dementia Special Interest Group.

There is lots more going on behind the scenes and we are looking forward to announcing our 2016 programme.

Please get in touch with any questions!

‘Crackpot’ part of Normal? Festival of the Brain at the Folkestone Quarterhouse, 22nd May


Crackpot_A5_v3_final We are presenting a new work, Crackpot, at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone on 22nd May, as a part of the larger Normal? Festival of the Brain, co-curated by Susanna Howard from the 21st-24th May.

Crackpot is a funny, bold, insightful theatre show featuring the words of people experiencing dementia and living in care homes in London and Kent.  These words, from people who are often perceived to have lost reason, are mixed with anecdotes from Susanna Howard’s seven years working in care homes in an astonishing and inspiring way.  Some people think she’s a crackpot, then they see the results.

For more information visit:



Normal? Festival of the Brain, 21st-24th May


The Festival of the Brain brings science and art together over four days to explore the brain. What happens when connections, chemicals and catastrophes send things off course, and is there such a thing as normal?

Meet the archivists inside a brain, trying to keep dementia at bay whilst they sort through a lifetime of memories; meet the puppet learning to adapt to motor neuron disease; meet the boy who is making a list of every brilliant thing in the world for his mother to combat her depression.  Participate in debates, daily mindfulness sessions, workshops and much more.

Normal? is co-curated with Susanna Howard of Living Words and Diane Dever of Folkestone Fringe. Everyone is invited to join us to wonder at this complex pound of flesh.

For a full programme, and to book tickets please visit:

Normal? Festival of the Brain


Living Words is thrilled to be working in partnership with Quarterhouse Folkestone and Folkestone Fringe to be curating Normal? Festival of the Brain, in May 2015.

Exploring the brain from all angles Susanna is working with Allegra Galvin and Di Dever to present workshops, discussions and performances to spark debate and give a helping hand to all of us on our wellbeing journeys!

Delving in to what this complex pound of flesh means to each of us, we will also be exploring notions of consciousness and how our environment affects our mental health.

For more info, please take a look at the Quarterhouse website by clicking on the logo above.  Feel free to contact us with any thoughts, non-thoughts and suggestions!




Dementia Congress 2014

Susanna led a taster workshop with colleague Danuta Lipinska at this year’s Dementia Congress. INSIDE OUTSIDE allowed participants to reflect upon their working processes, in particular their communication and listening skills with specific residents.  A meditative start to the congress day, the workshop included the use of silence, mindfulness and the spoken and written word.  Here they are as they entered the building from blustery Brighton seafront!  And the next pic shows Susanna at the Living Words presentation area, promoting our book THE THINGS BETWEEN US!

sus and D 2015 congressSus at congress 2015


Arts and Health Evaluation…

An eternal issue for all those working in the arts, and in particular in arts and health contexts – Mita Pujara organised a day long dive in to evaluation processes and called upon artists to discuss what an ideal evaluation process might indeed be.  Lots of food for thought emmerged and we were delighted that Mita held up and read from our book THE THINGS BETWEEN US, as evidence of evaluation in process. 2015 will see this interesting dialogue continue, as Mita looks to form an artist discussion sharing group to delve further in to challenging and changing the norms in expected and accepted forms of evidence and evaluation.  Here’s to that!


Dementia Care Awards – Life Story

Susanna was thrilled to judge the Ken Holt Memorial Award for the 2014 Dementia Care Awards.  Alongside John Shaw from The Life Story Network, Susanna was delighted to give the award to Robert Grady from Birmingham and Solihul Mental Health Foundation Trust.  Here is Susanna catching up with Robert the day after the awards ceremony at the Dementia Congress!

Sus and Robert

Robert Grady, Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust – See more at:
The 2014 Ken Holt Memorial Award Robert Grady, Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Sponsored by Lifestory Network – See more at:
The 2014 Ken Holt Memorial Award Robert Grady, Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Sponsored by Lifestory Network – See more at: